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【Due to limited supply of raw materials, production of the general edition has been suspended】

・Yesland 致力推廣土地修復農法,不止生產乾淨農作,更讓食物保有能量。充滿營養能量的食材,不僅帶來飽足感,更使人體活力健康。





- We supply high-quality ingredients to athletes, because the efficiency of fat-raising is based in part on good ingredients. This meal bag is the result of three years research and development test, which contains organic natural ingredients and it's suitable for long-term consumption. In addition, this meal bag also solves the modern busy, need ready-to-eat, food quality problems. It can be eaten after simple heating, so that consumers eat conveniently and have healthy peace of mind.


- Combined with agriculture, sports nutrition, food processing expertise. This formula is combined with Chinese medicine five-color diet and special formula, and nutrition basis. Different from general oil-free meal pack, we cook with high-quality sesame oil to drive oil-soluble nutrient release to reach moisturizing effect of cells, brain and cardiovascular. With special treatment to increase the multi-microelements and energy, you will not only eat clean and healthy food, but to own a good and healthy body with professional guidance for body-building exercise.

- Especially suitable for athletes, mountaineers, mountaineers, disaster relief workers, extreme environmental food supplies, long-term out-of-food workers, developing children, weight controllers.

-This product packaging is prepared in a qualified factory, without artificial preservatives, can be long-term preservation of room temperature. Ingredients may serve softer texture due to pressure in process, but it does not affect the quality of consumption and preservation. Please feel free to eat.


Yesland 反對過多的包裝材料,進行包裝時我們力求簡約環保,少用塑料,使用回收材料。如果您購買產品有包裝送禮的需求,請在訂單中提示。



機能健速餐 - 一般版 ( Emergency Food Pack - General Edition )

  • 【重量】550公克